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If the person sending you the funds waited 90days then sent it too you then No no need to wait 90days it will be part of the over 90day period. If they didn't wait the full 90days then it is part of the 90day period on the chart.

You don't have to wait the 90days but fees apply depending on the bracket you are in if it is your original deposit it has a different fee compared to the amount above your deposit gets taxed. this feature keeps a steady rotation protecting the holders.

The app wallet will show weather you're in the 90days or outside that time frame, also lets you know about transfers also if it is above or under 90days. You will be able to control and stake your Tokens. You will be able to exchange with in the wallet and those would have lower transferring cost with in the network.

By Law KYC and AML (KYC - Know Your Customer / AML - Anti Money Laundering) Is Required. We are in compliance with the SEC and regulations that was passed in 2012. You can google information about this as wel.

Yes we are looking for new talent! send resume.

The different fees are protecting the long term holders as well as redistributing back to these holders. first 90days is crucial some people are not long time holders and these people pull rugs early on as momentum builds. With 90days theres a steady rotation of new Authentians as a week ,a month it builds on and once the 90day passes the new members will enter. our Auto burn will hit every 90days we also have catalyst that comes in 90days into our road to success. This insures growth.

No the fees to transfer with in Authenti Coin is 1.5% we don't believe in charging or punishing our holders with for using the service this is what we are here for make this Token have a Usability and longevity.

Yes we will be conducting voting so we can have our members chime in and be apart of the future we believe in.

In the beginning we will be able to give it to the hard working small businesses, Restaurants, Food bus, Clothing store, online orders, and then expand to larger and bigger Retailers. as the usability expand so will Authenti Coin.

Some states there are laws preventing trading of crypto and ico, look up your state laws. States like NY, and Washington prevent us and many crypto exchanges/ico from providing service.

We accept Ethereum, LiteCoin, Bitcoin, Ripple xrp, Binance BNB, Waves, Tron, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, By 06/21/2021 Paypal, and Coinbase.